What Would You Do If You Saw A Freezing Child? So Touching

Norwegians reactions to a lonely boy out in the cold without a jacket - So Touching..
This social experiment was set up by the SOS Mayday action network to raise awareness about the thousands of children suffering in war-torn Syria. SHARE AND SPREAD THE AWARENESS


Title: "Would you give your jacket to Johannes?"
1st text: What do you do if you see freezing/cold child?
2nd text: We put up a hidden camera and placed Johannes on a bus stop.
Blond girl: "Don't you have a jacket?"
Boy: "No, someone stole it."
Blond girl: "Where?"
Boy: "Down over there, I am on a field trip with my class, and the teacher told me to meet her here."
Woman: "Do you have a phone number for your teacher?"
Boy: "No."
Woman: "If so we could have called her."
Boy: "Yeah."
Young man: "Are you ok?"
Boy: "No, I'm very cold"
Young man: "Are you cold?"
Boy: Nods
Woman: "Do you want my scarf? Will it help?"
Boy: "yes"
Woman: "Here you go, it's good and warm"
(cut) Different people give him cloths, he says thank you very much (cut)
Blond girl: "What school do you go to?"
Boy: "Ramberg"
Blond Girl: "Ramberg?"
Boy: "I'm from Moss" [it's about 65km from where this busstop is]
Final Text: Children in Syria are cold. Send SOS to 2160 (90 kr [=~$15]) and give a warm jacket.

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