This Guy Is A Human HULK. You Don’t Want To Mess With Him In The Gym.  



Hi everyone, first i just want to say how happy it makes me to see you all enjoying the videos!  Positive or negative i appreciate it all, cause at least you took the time to watch.  A lot of people want to know the song, its made by, 'ultrasonic' and called 'epic destructive dub-step'...not sure if you can find it, it's 'stock' music.  Peace!!!

What happens when the superman from Compton, meets the hulk, who currently hails from Texas via Louisiana? Destruction!!! You’ll see hulk smash the iron repeatedly as ct, the master of ceremonies motivates the hulk to get angry! 

Wow that's dedication and truly inspiring. He looks intimidating as hell at first glance but you can hear how humble he is when he speaks. Amazing work guys keep it up. God bless.
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