This Is Probably The Most Unexpected Video You'll Watch Today (Just Keep Watching)

Life Foundation of Western Australia is a non-profit organization promoting the importance of education for people of all ages ( ). A brand new video commercial by Henry Inglis and Aaron McCann shows just what might happen if you take leave in school days. Yes, what you just watched was a legitimate school-made video for the purpose of trying to encourage kids to stay in school and supported by Learn for Life.  Teenage kids sneak out of their houses and drive to the beach to play hooky from school. And since you know this video is a PSA, you think you have an idea where this is heading. But you're wrong.

With a rather literal approach to scaring kids into staying in school, this ad from Australian duo Henry & Aaron goes where possibly no after-school special has gone before — and we're not going to ruin your first impression by telling you what happens before you see it.

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