This Powerful Video Will Make You Ask Yourself "What Makes Your Heart Beat?"

A 90 second film about the things that make our Heart beat. This beautiful poem and visual accompaniment celebrates what makes life worth living. Written and directed by Nathan T. Presley for Darling Magazine, this project praises the beauty of the natural world, the infinite potential within humanity, and the sense of wonderment we feel from the sublime.

It’s really refreshing to see this type of message; notice there is no mention of gadgets, zero allusions to consumer culture and not one inkling of the rat race. Life can be simple and, in its simplicity, profound.

If I could only choose three ...

what would they be ?

1. I choose nature for its for its wonder, its summer skies and spring thunder, that feeling when the wind blows my hair, how the waves are strong, but some how peaceful, how each creature has a purpose, from the giants of the sea to the tiny beetle

2. I choose people, for the way that they can love, learn and grow for the moments they create, and the strength they can show for the will to do good, for the will to believe, the ability to move on and the ability to grieve, to comfort, to hold, to say I love you when I'm young and still mean it when I'm old

3. I choose something bigger, something I can't describe, something that found me in darkness and brought me into light.

I choose something I can't prove, but something I can't deny. A quiet whisper, a peaceful mystery, an open eye. something thats holds it all, but chooses not to control, something that breaks me down, something that makes me whole My heart is split between many and yet some how complete

What makes one love ?

What makes your heart beat ?
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