This Teacher Is A Great Example Of What More Teachers Should Aspire To. AMAZING. Please Share

As a teacher and a father, THIS inspires me. When I find my life cluttered with ailments, I reflect back on this video...and suddenly, everything seems so trivial. The power of love defies all logic...What is something that inspires you, puts your life into perspective, moves you to tears? What is that one experience or memory in your life you can always fall back on to push you foreword and make you want to be a better person?

In a perfect world, all children would have at least one teacher this special. Jeffrey Wright uses wacky experiments to teach children about the universe, but it is his own personal story that teaches them the true
meaning of life.

People like this give me hope in human beings. Faith in humanity restored!!

Everyone should watch this video. This teacher is a great example of what more teachers should aspire to. AMAZING. Please share.
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