This Man Was Wearing Sanitary Napkins For Long, But His Wife Was Not! Why Did This Guy Do This?

In under 12 minutes, listen to the fascinating journey of a workshop helper - from being rejected by the same women whose lives he wanted to change - to now gearing up to create jobs for a million...

Arunachalam is not just your average workshop helper. The man has dreams, and a big one at that! Committed to re-invent sanitary napkins for women, he fought through embarrassment, awkwardness and even divorce to get where he is! More power to you sir!

In My Point of View, It is a Excellent innovation to propagate in rural India in a big way.i think you can implement this idea in a big way for Social entrepreneur will be a big hit and will be well received and have wider acceptability across India and in under developed countries. Please share This good idea.Take it forward. 

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