Facebook Application For Expressing Love in Different ways

Different ways to Express Love | facebook application for expressing love.

Created By https://www.elopapp.com/

The freedom to express love. Secretly save your crush list and when anyone in your crush list adds you in their list, both of you will get a notification.

For Me Love Is....................................

For me, its every moment your mind has free time your thinking about the person. You don't see her for a day you're missing her, and even when you do see her dring the day it always seems like it wasn't enough time spent together. You burn for physical contact, I can't believe shes real, something so beautiful can't be real. You burn for return feelings, for discussion, for interaction. And most importantly shes perfect, not as in some impossible to fill ideal created by man, but in your standards, and as a human shes perfect. Also shes so beautiful its like looking at the stars, you can make a second last an eternity. And you never get sick of being with her.
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