Logical thinking....


Bartender: Who Are You? I've never seen you before...
Man: Yeah! I just lost my job and came here for a drink
Bartender: What kind of Job?
Man: Well. I am a Consultant.
Bartender: Whats that?
Man: Its a logical thinker.
Bartender: Logical Think, what?
Man: Let me explain it with an Example. Do you have a dog?
Bartender: Yes!
Man: That means you love animals
Bartender: True!
Man: That mean you love your kids too. Bartender: Yes True!
Man: You have Kids, that means you are Married. Bartender: Very True!
Man: You love your Kids. You are still married, means you have a beautiful Wife.
Bartender: Amazing man! How do you know all these?
Man: That's logical thinking now you are married to a lady, so you are not Gay!
Bartender: Impressive!
Man: Time to leave. Bye!

(About 20 minute later the Bartender's Boss Comes)

Bartender: Boss, you know I met a Consultant today.
Boss: Consultant!! Whats that??
Bartender: A logical thinker.
Boss: Logical what??
Bartender: I'll explain it with an Example
Boss: Okay!
Bartender: Do you have a DOG?
Boss: No!
Bartender: That means you are Gay! BOSS DIED...!!
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