Boy and Girl

A couple went to the zoo, as they passed a gorilla's cage the girlfriend said "babe did you know that the gorilla resembles a man in its behavior ?”

The boyfriend got annoyed but managed to ask "why did you say that ?" she looked around and said, "OK, see this one", she raised up her skirt and showed half of her thighs, the gorilla went crazy and tried to get out of his cage, "you see, like men just show them little part of your body they go crazy and want to grab you at that moment" she said.

“OK” he replied.

The girlfriend looked around again and said "watch this" she showed her breast to the gorilla and it got crazier and broke two parts of his cage! "See what he did, so I’m not surprise if you got that animalistic behavior too".

The boyfriend got really annoyed with his girlfriend and said "OK, can you show him your bum ?"

She looked around again and raised her skirt and showed her bum. 

This time the gorilla was too aroused and damaged its cage and escaped, he grabbed the woman and started to rip her dress. She cried for help "Babe! Help me, what will I do ?”

The boyfriend sarcastically answered "well tell him that you've got a headache, you are not in the mood and tell me again that men and gorilla are the same!”
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