Crazy Guy

One Day Morning, A Girl Send Message to Boy Friend..

Girl: Hi.. Good Morning

Boy: Hey.... Very Good Morning.. 

Girl : What are you doing ?

Boy : killing mosquitoes

Girl : how many did you killed ?

Boy : total 5 ( 3 female 2 male )

Girl : how did you know that ?

Boy : 3 sitting near mirror ,, 2 near beer


Professor: Chemical symbol of Barium?

Boy: BA

Professor: For sodium?

Boy: NA

Professor: What will we get if 1 atom of BA & 2 atoms of NA are combined?

Boy: BANANA !!!

Professor: ????????????

Evening, On The Way to Home, He Meets An Accident With His New Ferrari. ..

Policemen Arrives....

Boy:- (Cried) Officer! My Brand New Car!

Police Replied:- You're Such materialistic. You Even Haven't Notice That Your Left Arm Has Been Cut Off.

Boy (He Looks At His Left Arm And Yells) : OMG ! My Rolex Watch..!
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