Funny Husband

One weekend, the husband is in the bathroom shaving when the kid he hired to mow his lawn, a local kid named Bubba, comes in to pee.

The husband slyly looks over and is shocked at how immensely endowed Bubba is.

He can't help himself, and asks Bubba what his secret is.

"Well," says Bubba, "every night before I climb into bed with a girl, I whack my penis on the bedpost three times. It works, and it sure impresses the girls!"

The husband was excited at this easy suggestion and decided to try it that very night. 

So before climbing into bed with his wife, he took out his penis and whacked it three times on the bedpost. 

His wife, half-asleep, said, "Bubba ? Is that you ?"

After Few Weeks Later,

A sick woman was lying on her sick bed with her husband by her side, she turns to the husband and said

WIFE : Honey, I have a confession to make...

HUSBAND : Save your strength my dear!

WIFE : [Cuts in] Nooo, I want to say it so that when I die my spirit will be at rest. I have been stealing your money and giving it to my boyfriend, You're
not the father of our son Junior, I was the one who stole your gold wrist watch and hide it in your sister's bag so that you'll drive her away..

Please forgive me

HUSBAND : I know all this, that's why I poisoned you. Keep calm Let the poison work...
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