Monkey In Bar - Funny Joke

A man takes a monkey into a bar the man orders beer the bartender asks if he can give the monkey some grapes the man says sure

The monkey eats the grapes across the room

There are some guys playing pool the monkey jumps off the table and on to the pool table and swallows the cue ball the

Man rolls his eyes gets the monkey and walks out of the bar

About a week later the man comes back into the bar with the monkey and again orders a beer the bartender again asks if he can give the monkey some grapes

The man looks at the monkey and says yeah sure he puts the bowl of grapes in front of the monkey

The monkey looks at the grape then sticks it in his butt then eats it he does this a few times and the bartender says why is he doing that

The man says since the cue ball incident he measures everything before he eats it.
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