The Real Magician

John and Smith walk into a Super market.

The John steals 3 chocolate bars and puts in his pocket and when they left the store he said to the Smith "You see that? I stole three chocolate bars.

Nobody saw me. So that’s magic and I am a magician,"

The Smith said " lets go back to the store, me gonna show you who the real magician is".

They went in and the Smith said to the cashier "you want to see a magic trick?"

The cashier said “Yes, Show Me Sir"

"Hand me a chocolate bar" he ate it.

"Hand me another one" he ate that too.

 "Hand me one more" and he ate it 3rd One Also.

"But sir where's the magic?" asked the cashier.

The Smith man said “check the John's pockets and you will find all three chocolate bars”

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